Norman Greenberg
Game Developer & Designer

Norman Greenberg

I'm a 4th year Game Design and Development student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My passion for games lies in their design. I love dissecting games to discover what they do well, how they did it and what I might have done to make them even better. I'm skilled at programming and project management so I can appreciate the skill and resources that goes into making a game great.

Recently we had a group project that involved designing an analog game. We came up with a card game we called HEXES!! We submitted the game to Hasbro's Next Great Game competition and were one of 5 finalists. Part of the contest was to create and fund the project which we successfully did on Indiegogo with mentoring from a game executive from Hasbro. The game will ship soon in full retail packaging!


hexes hexes hexes hexes



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Feel free me at any time. The best way to get in touch with me is via email.

Contact Information


Phone Number: 732-221-4029