Game Designer and Programmer

Hi! I'm Norman.

I'm a 4th year Game Design and Development student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My focus lies in game design in most of its forms. I've been a lead designer, gameplay programmer, level designer, and mechanic designer on a variety of projects both analogue and digital. My goal is to eventually bring fun and engaging experiences to people and to create games that people enjoy.

In my time at RIT I've had the pleasure to work on many game projects with fellow students. The project that has had the most impact on me by far has been Hexes which I was the lead designer for. This game at its very core was designed as a vehicle to bring fun experiences to people. Towards the end of the project we decided to enter Hasbro's Next Great Game Competition. Eventually we were selected as a finalist, which led to us running an Indigogo campaign. The campaign was a success and we were able to fund a print of our game and deliver it to our backers. After the competition we were approached by Hasbro who asked to publish our game. It is now available on under the name Hex Casters. I couldn't be happier that a game I worked on is now available to so many people, and I'd like to continue bringing fun experiences to people.


Phone: 732-221-4029